November 15, 1915

Synopsis: An autopsy reveals that Larry had been fatally poisoned with arsenic, then dumped in the bay. No witnesses have been found, and there are no suspects, though police feel robbery was the motive. 

This is the last article about Larry; apparently the murder was never solved. Might Larry have made a few powerful enemies among the Tacomans who had invested so much money and time in his rehabilitation? Arsenic seems an unlikely weapon for a run-of-the-mill robber to use. Peters, who had publicized the whole fiasco so relentlessly, must have been particularly displeased.

E. A. Peters' next big story began with headlines announcing his disappearance, followed several days later by the discovery that he was in the state prison. After a few days of suspense, it was revealed that he had gone underground to investigate prison life. But the series lacked the punch of the Larry story, and after a few weeks it faded away.