November 8, 1915

Synopsis: After only two weeks at his stand, Larry's "crippled body, warped and twisted," has been found floating in the Seattle harbor. As the police look for suspects, E. A. Peters confesses to readers that before his murder Larry had been getting difficult. In Peter's words - "Larry Sullivan proved a perplexing problem to those who assisted him. That he proved ungrateful for the whole hearted labor given to aid him must 
be admitted. The Times regretfully would have announced this fact today even had not his death come to light. Larry was very human. He was 
one of those unfortunate persons 
who could not stand prosperity.
 From the outset, his business
 flourished, and his books each night showed a nice balance of 
profit. But during the middle
 of the second week of his new
found prosperity, the boy became reckless."

Apparently Larry had been spending his money on prostitutes and fast living, and had even borrowed (?) a diamond ring from one of his benefactors to give to one of the women. Still, it was a tragedy, and the committee of concerned Tacomans who had helped set him up were making arrangements for a funeral.