"Pawn of Unkind Fates, Boy Meets Earth's Last Rebuff"

The Larry Sullivan Story

Published in the summer and fall of 1915 by The Tacoma Times, of Tacoma, Washington – “The only independent newspaper in Tacoma” – these 26 front page articles chronicle the rise and abrupt fall of Larry Sullivan, a crippled drifter taken up by star reporter E. A. Peters and turned into a heartwarming human interest story that for a few months had all of Tacoma in tears. Until Larry became a little difficult and by remarkable, though of course tragic coincidence, exited the stage.

Key articles in the series are below. Click on the photo to see an enlarged version; click on the enlarged version to go the original newspaper page in the Chronicling America Collection from the Library of Congress, where the page can be expanded to a more readable size. Once there, you can also leaf through the rest of the day's paper.